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Amusement Parks in Romagna

Fun for all ages in Romagna, Italy

This area has always been a favorite destination for families and young people because of its many attractions such as amusement parks that crowd the Adriatic coast is that the Apennines.

We illustrate below the most fun and interesting. Tells you the distance as the father knows how far will travel by car. If you reach for some parks will take an hour, do not hesitate because it’s worth it!

The main amusement parks to visit

Aquarium Cattolica Le Navi

It is a big theme park of the sea formed by buildings that resemble a real navy. Here you can get in contact with the sea through submarine links. Suitable for all ages, aimed at understanding and respect for the marine ecosystem. Is the hilarious interactive experiences with the sharks through a touch tank.
Piazzale delle Nazioni, 1/A – Cattolica – Phone +39 0541 8371
Distance: 3,3 Km


It is the most famous amusement park in Europe. The one with those fantastic slides and water games verde.dove immersed in the atmosphere that reigns here is compelling. He has the privilege of the active presence of Radio Dee Jay, point of interest for young people. In the evening, under the artistic direction of Linus precious, you can unleash the disco Walky Cup!
Via Ascoli Piceno, 6 – Riccione – Phone 0541 4271
Distance: 7 Km

Oltremare Riccione

Qere you will meet the inhabitants of the sea and especially the curious dolphin Ulysses will entertain you with his show! A spectacular experience and education, careful to respect our planet with the sea. Take a look at its architecture, totally new.
Via Ascoli Piceno, 6, Riccione – Phone 0541 4271
Distance: 7 Km

Fiabilandia Rimini

Here we enter the world… a world of fairy tales for kids… with pirate raids in the Bay of the Pirates, shows with jugglers and favorite characters from children, more than 30 attractions including a children’s pool with sun! There are characteristic shops, you can have a picnic in the picnic areas or have a snack in the various dining outlets, in short, has it all!
Via Cardano, 15 – Rivazzurra – Phone 0541 372064
Distance: 14 Km

Rimini Dolphinarium

Have a little look… admire the swift underwater swimming dolphins are sociable and… find out what intelliggenti… like the mother takes care of his little… The world of these sea creatures is very fascinating. It is an animal that arouses great curiosity. Here you can discover the secrets and wonders in the respect for nature and animals.
Lungomare Tintori, 2 – Rimini – Phone 0541 50298
Distance 15 Km

Italy in miniature Rimini

If you like the fun associated with learning, I would say that this theme park for you. It is dedicated to the historical, architectural and cultural Italian. Here, as well as experiencing great emotions, travels, dream… You learn there is a carnival of science, and things such as navigation on the canals of Venice, the water jokes, the puppets and much more…
Lungomare Tintori, 2, Rimini – Phone 0541 50298
Distance: 15 Km

Aviation Theme Park

It is a real Aviation Museum. In 80,000 square meters of terraced hill for two miles of trail, you’ll see a rare exhibition of veivolo significant moments that have characterized the war.
Via Popilia, 239 (SS 16 Adriatica – Km. 197), Viserba – Phone 0541 736736
Distance: 26 Km

San Marino Adventures

Here you enter the live tracks for children, adults and for the more daring with varying levels of difficulty. It is not a park for supermen but with harness, helmet, gloves pulley and have fun on bridges, nets and all kinds of games suspended among the trees of Monte Cerreto. After the adventure, I recommend a walk in the center of San Marino which is four minutes from the park.
Via Santa Aquilina, 58, Rimini – Phone 0541 756696
Distance: 25 Km


And here we are in a real Adventure Park suitable for all ages. It is particularly exciting live experience if you’re in good company. Many acrobatic suspended between the trees in the Natural Park of Cervia. The activities are carried out safely with harnesses and helmets, encouraging movement and coordination. In short, with this experience, we know better, there comes into play and have fun in contact with nature.
Strada di Monte Cerreto, San Marino (RSM) – Phone 335 7344140
Distance: 35 Km

Atlantica Cesenatico

Here you will spend a wonderful day full of sun, water and fun! 400 feet of swirling water slides that start from high towers over 15 meters! You dive into a pool inspired by waves! And in a fantastic landscape of a river a mile! Here too many attractions!
Parco Naturale di Cervia – Phone 347 1496519
Distance: 44 Km

Skypark Park Adventure

If there is a particularly hot day you go in this beautiful forest of Mount kite, with its 800 meters you can enjoy fresh relax. You will make a nice walk on the trails and will delight you with stunning sea views. The walkways in the trees are suitable for all ages! I knew that at the request open at night. And if you celebrate your birthday in the holiday period, you can host a party in the park! The entrance to the park with a kiosk and picnic area is free of charge.
Piazza Marco Polo, 4, Cesenatico – Phone 0547 673367
Distance: 51 Km

The Butterfly House Cervia

You will enter into a heated greenhouse in which are reproduced the climate and environment of the rainforests. Not only admire from near the elegance and wonder of specimens of butterflies from the Amazon rainforest, African and Indo-astrauliana but also a variety of exotic plants and animals, set in a fantastic ecosystem. A real Education Center designed with the expert advice of Enzo Moretto, the House of Butterflies of Padua.
Via Greppa, Monte Aquilone, Perticara di Novafeltria – Phone 0541 927330
Distance: 64 Km

Mirabilandia Ravenna

The largest amusement park in Italy, contained in a natural oasis of well 850,000 square feet! With games, gardens and beautiful lakes. Do you think the love shown for nature, he did get to the park sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Land Protection. Here you can become an explorer, Top Gun, astronaut, policeman, enter the world of the dinosaurs, you’ll have a dizzying trip to the Caribbean lagoon, you can relax in a proper angle with palm trees and white sand and… I too early! Ah, I forgot… leads the costume!!
Via Jelenia Gora, 6/D, Cervia – Phone 0544 995671
Distance: 65 Km

Indiana Park

IndianaPark is one of the most recent adventure through the parks in Emilia-Romagna. All’IndianaPark there are lots of great trails and routes aerobatic aircraft, with passages between the trees, built using nets, ropes, walkways, bridges, cable cars. You feel excited and in full contact with nature. Mom and Dad do not worry, your baby will enjoy the utmost confidence!
SS 16 Statale Adriatica, Km 162, Mirabilandia locality, Ravenna – Phone 0544 561111
Distance: 75 Km

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